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Care & Maintenance
A Glass River Design sink is a functional work of art, beautiful and made to last. It is not however, indestructible. We recommend a few simple precautions to keep your sink in good condition for many years to come.

Prior to installation, please store your Glass River sink in its box in an area where it is protected from extreme temperature changes.  When you are ready to install, use care in handling your new sink. The back of the sink should never come in contact with hard surfaces such as granite, laminate, marble, stone, etc. without some type of cushioning between the surface and the underside of the sink. Make sure Glass River instructions are followed for your type of installation (top mounted or recessed). If you or your plumber needs additional instruction or installation material provided by Glass River Design, please contact us at (254) 947-0002.

After installation, exercise proper care of the glass surface. Prevent contact with hard, sharp or abrasive objects both inside and outside the bowl. The outside of the bowl has a tough coating that protects the decorative finish against normal wear, but excessive abrasion will damage it. Do not use abrasive cleaners such as Ajex, Comet or Soft Scrub either inside or outside the bowl. For water spots, a spot remover such as Lime-Away may be used. For particularly difficult mineral deposits, you may use 0000 (4-0), steel wool with Lime-Away or plain water. Please be careful, and do not use any steel wool other than 0000 (4-0). A protective coating such as Rain-X (available in any automotive department) may be applied to help keep the bowl clean and spot free.

The bowl is subject to stress at the point of attachment. Avoid putting excessive pressure on the rim of the bowl, as overstressing the glass can cause cracks at the base.

Thermal Stress
It should also be noted that glass sinks are subject to thermal stresses that can cause cracks. Thermal stresses occur when the glass is heated or cooled either too suddenly or to extreme temperatures.

Water in the basin should not be overly hot or cold, nor should it be allowed to change temperature to quickly. Do not poor water into the bowl that is too hot to touch. Moderate the water temperature, either by turning on both hot and cold simultaneously, or by adjusting your water heater to an appropriate level. Do not install a glass sink with an instantaneous water heater, as the extreme heat will create great stress on the glass.

WARNING: Prior to installation, this vessel sink must be protected from freezing or excessively high temperatures. Please store indoors in a climate controlled environment.